1992 Dream Team

Feb 7, 2012

The greatest team ever formed in history.

 Photo courtesy of sportsillustrated.cnn.com

Center: Patrick Ewing
Power Forward: Charles Barkley
Small Forward: Larry Bird
Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan
Point Guard: Magic Johnson


Center: David Robinson
Power Forward: Karl Malone
Small Forward: Scottie Pippen
Shooting Guard: Clyde Drexler
Point Guard: John Stockton

11th and 12th of the bench:

Shooting Guard: Chris Mullin
Small Forward: Christian Laettner (college player)

11 of the 12 best players in the globe( except for Isiah Thomas) who was snubbed. You made team captains out of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, the two players that dominated the 1980s an easily on most people's list of the top-five NBA players of all time, you add unstoppable Michael Jordan(NBA MVP mutltiple times), physical anomaly and never-muzzled Charles Barkley, the leagues best due in John Stockton and Karl Malone, New York pivotman Patrick Ewing, sharpshooter Chris Mullin, high-flying Clyde Drexler, Jack-of-all-trades Scottie Pippen, David Robinson and (blech) one college senior, and what did you have (even with a college senior)- the best team ever assembled. I loved it. I still love it and search for games in length.

As much as the Dream Team are used as a reference point for what US National have done in the past and will do in the future, the Dream Team wasn't without controversy - from the selection, to the games, to the aftermath where teams that followed were only Dream Teams on paper, and "nightmares on the court".

                                                      The Results

USA 116 Angola 48
USA 103 Croatia 70
USA 111 Germany 68
USA 127 Brazil 83
USA 122 Spain 81
USA 115 Puerto Rico 77
USA 127 Lithuania 76
USA 117 Croatia 85


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