Heat vs Thunders

Jun 11, 2012

Heat vs Thunders - The Finals

First game will be held at OKC's homecourt Tuesday at 9PM ET. The Finals has a different format than the first three rounds. It's 2-3-2 compared to previous rounds' 2-2-1-1-1 format.

What team are you picking?

I believe that the Heat will win this time in 6 games at most. It will come to a stretch for some games.

X Factors for both team :

For the Heat - it's Udonis Haslem
For the Thunders - it's Thabo Sefolosha

Both team's superstars will cancel each other out. OKC's aggresive inside defense will be their biggest weakness. I can see that both bigs (Ibaka and Perkins) will be in foul trouble in most games. They are not known to defend well in the perimeter that's why Thabo needs to step up again his game. Chris Bosh will most likely to play at the Center position and will cause a lot of problems to OKC. If Ibaka or Perkins will be in foul trouble, UD beeds to step up his game and be the X factor for the Heat.

Again, I can see the Heat winning in 5 or in 6. Hunger and redemption will drive them to win their 2nd ring.

You? Who are you picking?