Bizarre Filipino Dishes

Feb 3, 2012

OK let's get started. Did anyone of you have tried any bizarre food in the Philippines? I know everyone in the world knows what Balut is, even my friends from California have a boardroom in their office called 'Balut'.

First on our list is of course, the world famous Balut(aborted duck's egg). I know you are craving for it so here's a picture of that poor duckling(Yumm yumm!)

Picture can be found here.

Do you want me to zoom in the picture? Haha! Yes it looks disgusting, specially when you're sucking the embryo. They say it taste like more of a Fish/egg combined. Well, whatever it taste like I will never eat one.

And the good news is, we are just getting started. Next on our list is this:

Want to guess what is this? It's what we Filipinos call Isaw or chicken intestines. It does look like a worm, but believe me, this tastes really good. It's taste like chicken but on the gooey side.

The third on our list is this poor creatures,

Yes you are seeing it correctly. Some Filipinos really eats dog's and cat's meat.(Yuckk!) We don't tolerate these kinds of things, but this is really happening specially in the remote areas of the Philippines. They even make a soup out of it's meat and cook some of it's internal organs.

These weird, bizaare and exotic foods are believed to be aphrodisiacs. No wonder why we have a booming population. Well, all I can say is that for every country there is always a certain Taboo that's different from the norm.. and that's what you call Culture. I'm still proud of being a Filipino(even some of us eat Dogs and Cats).


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