Race to the MVP

Feb 6, 2012

Just read NBA's KIA Race to the MVP Ladder. Here are some thoughts from me.

1. Lebron James (LAST WK: 32 ppg | 58.4 FG% | 9.5 rpg) - Now tell me an active player that has this kind of numbers? No one deserves the top spot but only this guy. Playing a monster game for the past 2 weeks and he's almost unstoppable. Though they don't have the best record in the league, but come playoffs they will dominate again. There are only two things that separates this guy from being one of greatest - Heart and Ring.

2. Kobe Bryant (LAST WK: 28.7 ppg | 8.3 rpg | 4.0 apg) - maybe they are not as dominating as compared 3 or 4 seasons ago. But as long as Kobe is playing like his old self, they still have a good shot in the Finals. I guess he is still good for 5 seasons. Hope he will win another ring before he retires.

3. Kevin Durant (LAST WK: 32 ppg | 13.3 rpg | 50.0 3P%) - A bright future is awaiting ahead for this kid. The new face of the NBA. Just waiting for the torched to be passed(from Kobe). The good thing is, Russel Westbrook just agreed to sign an extension with OKC. Now, that's literally a Batman and Robin tandem. Will cause a lot of headaches to the Western teams.

4. Derrick Rose (LAST WK: 30.6 ppg | 2.8 rpg | 7.2 apg) - I personally call this kid, the 'firecracker'. He just keeps on exploding and exploding night in and night out. He's the only player that can burn the Heat at any given night. I believe he should be the No.2 in this list.

5. Kevin Love(LAST WK: 25.3 ppg | 13.3 rpg | 53.0 FG%) - We should change the meaning of the term 'double-double' and make it synonymous to Kevin Love. Now he just developed that outside shooting(beyond the Arc) and that makes him one of the hardest player to stop. A Caucasian version of Scottie Pippen perhaps?


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