NBA 2012 Champion, Awardees (Prediction)

Feb 2, 2012

Will Lebron James finally gets his first ring?

Will Kobe win another championship before he retires?

Will Chicago dominate again like the 90's?

A young and talented team dominates the league for a decade?

Or will it be the veteran Texan that will win a back to back Championship?

Picture can be found HERE!

Here's my opinion.

I'm not a Kobe Hater or a Lebron Fan. But we should accept the fact that Miami will dominate for atleast 4 years. The only factor that keeps them from getting another ring is that elusive performance during crunchtime. They can beat any team at any given day if there are only 3 quarters - yes you heard it right.. 3 QUARTERS. Cause when the Miami Heat is playing, anything can happen during the fourth(Choke, eheemm). It doesn't matter if they have the lead for the first three quarters. They only rely on pure skill and talent, and the thing missing for a Ring? HEART! But again, I still believe that they will WIN it all this year(crossing fingers).

My Predictions:

MVP: Lebron James (honorable mention - Kevin Durant)

ROY: Kyrie Irving (honorable mention - Ricky Rubio)

West Champ: Oklahoma City Thunders

East Champ: Miami Heat

6th Man - Lamar Odom - I still believe that he will have his thing going after the All-Star Break

Most Improved - Roy Hibbert - No doubt

Coach of the Year - Still rooting for Tom Thibs'

DPOY - Dwight Howard

Did I miss anything? Hmm.. Maybe that's it. And vote for your NBA MVP.


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