Blocked Facebook in the Office

Feb 2, 2012

Okay here's the deal. Suddenly your boss blocks FaceBook access to your office? This really sucks!

Here are some helpful tips to have it again!

1. Use Proxy websites - yes there are websites that provides proxies. Nuff said, I know you are too excited - Here's the link.

2. Buy a new Cellphone- If you can't  use your office computer, then buy your own. There are a lot of Cellphones that offers instant access to FB. - Like BlackBerry, Iphone, etc.

3. Lastly, talk to your boss! Tell him the benefits of having access to FB(If there are any during workhours)


Daria Wilen said...

I think VPN is the only way to bypass office firewalls. I am using "Hotspot Shield" VPN for last 6 months at my work place. I can now Access Facebook at Work using VPN (virtual private network) and it really works great on my mac and can be easily installed on any corporate networks. I would conclude by saying, it is best fit for my Mac Internet Security.

David Warner said...

This found very helpful to know to access the Facebook at office when it is blocked. I also want to share my experience regarding open blocked facebook at office. It just needs a click. access Facebook at Office

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