Call Centers in the Philippines

Feb 3, 2012

This is the industry that keeps the Philippines alive. Anyone from a high-school graduate, to a person with a Masters degree are working in BPOs and Call Centers. There are hundreds of them just around the Metro. Here is a list of Call Centers and BPOs plus their average monthly salary. Please don't quote me on this, cause this are just average figures. Of course, it will still depend on your experience and Entry level.

Teletech - They have branches in Makati, Pasay and Quezon City. Don't know much about this Call Center, just do some research in Google.(like what I did with the salary range)

Average Salary: 15-20k

Convergys - I believe they are one of the biggest Call Center not just in the Philippines but across the globe.
 Average Salary: 14-18k

Accenture/Accenture BPO - They are said to be one of the largest consulting firm in the world.
Average Salary - 16k-24k

Stream Global Services - They are formerly known as eTelecare. Has a record of giving very low basic salary, but most employees are saying that the incentives are great.
Average Salary: 14-16k

IBM - The name says it all. Mostly tech stuffs are the accounts here.
Average Salary: 18-25k

24/7 - I applied here before but they gave me a not to good salary package. I personally encourage newbies to apply here.
 Average Salary: 18-22k

Sykes Asia/Sykes Marketing - Worked here before for 3 years. The environment is good, rare salary disputes and a good management.
Average Salary - 15-20k

APAC - The good thing about this Call Center is that, it's very accessible for most employees. It's just located in the heart of Quezon City(Cubao).
Average Salary: 18-22k

HSBC - I heard a lot of good things about this company. In fact many of my friends are working here, though I would not recommend newbies here cause I believe they are looking for experienced individuals.
 Average Salary:  20-25k

JP Morgan & Chase - Mostly financial accounts. This is an in-house BPO/Call Center located in Taguig City. Also not for newbies.
Average Salary: 24-28k

Sutherland - Also located in Taguig City. I believe they have both financial and Sales account. Heard a bad reputation regarding the management. Who knows? A Sales oriented company - but I believe they also have a financial department here.
Average Salary: 19-23k

Branders - If you're into Sales, you should definitely try this Call Center/BPO. The Sales incentives are good, high appraisal every year plus free meal and soda.
Average Salary - 20k-24k

NCO - Mostly Financial accounts. Located inside the ABS-CBN complex(not sure what floor they are). Also has free meals to every employee. Recommended for newbies.
Average Salary - 16-20k

ANZ - Very accessible location. Located just in the corner of Quezon Avenue and EDSA. A Day shift account, but they don't accept walk-in applicants. If you are lucky enough to have a friend working in this company, might as well ask to be referred.
Average Salary: 25-28k

VXI - They have branches in Munoz and in Makati. Has Sales, Technical Support, Customer Service and Financial Accounts.
Average Salary: 18-24k

Hinduja Global Solutions - they have one branch in Eastwood City making it accessible to many. Has great accounts and I heard the salary is above average.
Average Salary - 24-26k

Concentrix - Just with the same building as Hinduja(E-Commerce). Mostly financial accounts are here.
Average Salary: 20-22k

Arvato - Same building as Hinduja and Concentrix in Eastwood. I heard they just had a new account and its the pioneer here in the Philippines. One of my reliable source said that the salary here is almost double than the regular BPO/Call Center.
Average Salary - 25k-30k

ACS - Mostly financial Accounts particularly collections. Has a good pay but have a terrible background in terms of salary disputes/HR.
Average Salary: 24-26k

There are hundreds more out there. I cannot enumerate them all here. If you have additional information that will benefit the readers, please feel free to leave a comment. Hope this would be helpful for job hunters. I know that the first thing you are asking is the basic salary when applying. Goodluck guys!


Globale Teleforce said...

It was very important to look forward on the future of Philippine Outsourcing. In our economy today, BPO are one of the highest contributor in the progress of our economy.

Aduff68 said...

I am very interested in living and working in the philippenes for a year or two (or more...)
I also know that I am a very customer service oriented person and would enjoy a call center (provided the company is also a good working environment to their workers)
I know the info is a little old, but still a good reference (I believe). But I have a few questions still;

Are the Salaries quoted per day, week, month, or year?

and are they in local currency, us, euro, pound, or...?

Also, if anyone that replies is willing, How is it for foreigners there? Would that salary provide a local rated "middle class" income, or is it considered low income?
I do not need much as far as living is concerned. But I also do not want to find myself living in a low/overcrowded/"bad" area of town either.
Any replies or links to better insights as to living there would be quite helpful.

Thank You.

Hill said...

It is actually a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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