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Feb 5, 2012

Here is a list of small business ideas that only needs a small capital. Remember that what's important is that you have the skill, talent, perseverance and passion on what you're going to do.
This is good for those who just resigned, planning to resign or those couples that only has one source of income.

1. Cellphone Loading Station - The Philippines is the texting capital of the world, then why don't take advantage of it? You can even do this business at your office or at home. For as low as P500 you can start this business. I believe that for every P500 that you load as a reseller, they will give you an additional P50. Imagine if you can load P2,000 a day? Earning an extra P200 is not bad at all. It's enough for a meal or two for a family of four.

2. Sari-Sari Store - This is for those full time moms (or house husbands) that wants to earn those extra bucks. If you have that extra window or extra space in your home, then why not? I believe P5,000 is enough to start this business.

3. Online Tutorial/Home Tutorial -  This is a very good source of extra income. I'm actually considering it but too lazy to find someone to teach. If you have the time to do it, and believe you can teach? Then why not. A good P1,000 a week is not bad.

4. Direct Selling - I know, you yourself had something bought from Natasha or Avon. These Avon Ladies are very common specially in the beginning of 2000s. This is a good source of  that 'unlimited extra' income or you can even do this full time.

5. Poultry Farming - If you have that ample backyard, and the nearest neighbor in your place is like 100M away try considering this. Hog raising, egg farms and poultries are a neat source of income. For Hogs, I've done that myself for almost 3 years. I'm spending around P3,000 a month for hog feeds and the cost of labor. In return I'm getting P20,000 after 3 months. I'm not quite sure how the poultry and egg farm works. Maybe do a little research first before doing it. These are live animals and are very prone to illness and that will cost you a lot.

6. Garage Sales - For those extra clutters in your home. Just please make sure that the thing that you are going to sell are those that you won't need in the future. Less clutter + extra bucks = Priceless.

7. Baking - If you're a good baker, why not try this as a legitimate source of income. The only thing you need is your skill and the tools that you need. If you can bake the best cookie in town, your buyers will do the advertising for you(word-of-mouth).

8. Appliance Repair - Why pay more to those shops if you can repair them yourselves. I believe TESDA is offering a free course on appliance repair. You can also do home-service or have your own shop.

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