Just some Motivation

Feb 3, 2012

A motivational story.

Look at this kid in the picture.

He sits in his corner all day reading comic books and drawing action heroes, because he has no friends and hates being outside.

His father left him when he was just over a year old and has been moving with his mother from one place to another for more than 20 times.

He was bullied in school a lot. One bullying incident resulted in being hit on the head and lying in a coma for almost 2 weeks.

His mom had some psychological problems.

At the age of 19, his uncle which is also his bestfriend killed himself. He's the only friend he got from childhood - leaving him devastated. His mom even told him over the phone that "I wish it was you!".

He discovered his talent. A thing that he really loves. Others around him tried to hold him back because he did not fit the scene as a white boy. Even his girlfriend at that time tried to stop him.

Despite all of these people trying to hold him back, he did not quit. Gathering more fame as he was getting better and better. Unfortunately, this fame was also the cause for his addiction to Vicodin, Valium, Ambien and Methadone.

As if this wasn't enough, one of his bestfriend got killed by a gunshot wound at the age of 32.

 This man, who barely able to shop at Kmart when he was a kid, now owns the mansion of the former CEO of Kmart. Despite having everything against him in his life, he did not quit. Believing in his talents and doing what he loves.

And this kid is EMINEM.


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