Perfect Valentine Gifts

Feb 2, 2012

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Still looking what's the perfect gift for her? Here are some ideas. Prices may not be accurate but I think is pretty close.

1. Of course, the first on our list is this:

Valentines would not be complete withour flowers. The good thing is that, you can order it now online straight to her address. Prices may vary from P1,000 - P3,000 ($20 - $75). If you want to get some cheaper ones, you can go to Dangwa. You can get an arranged bouquet of red roses for as low as P200($5.00)

2.  Perfumes.

Now this is a little tricky. You might get one that she does'nt like. Just a tip, ask her what's her favorite perfume. Here's an idea how:

During a regular conversation, pitch in with something like this,

Boy - "You smell really great! May I know what brand are you wearing/using? I'm planning to buy my mother/sister/friend one."

Girl answers - (answer)

Boy - "Is that your favorite perfume?"
If she answers "no, or not really" just ask her what her favorite one.

OK back to the topic. You can get cheap ones from shopping malls/department stores. The local ones cost around P200-400($4-$10). The good ones like Clinique Happy or Bulgari cost P4,000 - P6,000 ($100- $150) depending on the brand.

3. Chocolates.

This is the cheapest one that you can get. You'll have a bar of good chocolate for around P40-P50($1) and it's the easiest to get.

4. Spa Gift Certificate

She will surely love you with this! Nuf said!

5. And lastly, this is my personal favorite. Lingerie!

It's a win-win situation with this gift or probably the gift-giver will benefit more. You should probably ask a Sales Ladie's advice when purchasing this. She can tell you what are the best ones. Bought one last last year for my girlfriend and it's around P1,000 - P 4,000($25-$100). This is the BOMB! But if you're just in not that intimate stage, this is a big NO-NO!


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